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J. Boughey Esq


T Coles Esq MFH

Mrs S Elliot MFH

Mrs F Green MFH


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Mrs L Thornycroft


J Elliott Esq

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Mrs K Sutherland

South Dorset Hunt Pony Club

Mrs Claire Ferguson

Mrs Sarah Ryder

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Mrs K Davis

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Miss Lily Hiscock

Mrs Hannah Sealey

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Sat 6 Oct

Evening Meeting

15.30 & BBQ 17.30

 Sun 7 Oct

Metal Detecting Day


Sat 13 Oct

Breakfast @ 08:00

Please bring own mug & cutlery

Sun 14 Oct

Mini One-Day Event


Sun 21 Oct

RACSC and SDH Hunter Trial at Bovington

The South


The country was originally part of that hunted by J J Farquharson from 1806 - 1858. On Mr Farquharson's resignation Mr Radclyffe of Hyde House near Wareham bought a proportion of his hounds which he kennelled at his home and established the South Dorset Hunt. Elliott Lees brought the pack in 1886 and kennelled hounds at Sturminster Marshall and on retirement presented the hounds to the country. Mr Featherstonhaugh Frampton kennelled hounds at Moreton until 1894 when, after a short period in temporary accommodation, permanent kennels were established on the present site near Bere Regis.

The Badminton Magazine January 1908 edition gave the following description of the South Dorset Hunt: There is one point about the South Dorset that makes it unlike any other hunt in the United Kingdom. It is almost entirely a yeoman farmer's hunt. Go out any day you chose, look at the muster - a few ladies, a few top hats and black coats, two or three in pink, and then the rest of the field hard looking men with keen eyes and workmen like get-ups mounted on wiry business like horses; you see at once what they are, the sinews of England, the best fellows you ever met, hospitable, generous, hard riders straight in word and deed - the yeoman of England. What happy days we have had together, what chats at covert side or on the long hack home! Long may you thrive and continue,loyal supporters as you are of England's noble sport.

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